Dont give 2 Figs..

Just sat in bed here relaxing from a very stressful day today, delivery vans are not what they used to be, or at least some delivery companies arn’t..

I am not going to bore you with the details about it, but its still going on, 3 days later..

So, we have here today my rendition of a fruit still life, 2 Figs..  I always have trouble getting this picture to look good on a computer screen, no matter how i tweak it the colours sometimes look over saturated, and other times just bizarre, so hopefully today they may seem somewhat better.

2 Figs  For Sale £50 + postage 

In fact looking at this picture the colours are quite flat, nothing lke the real thing but at least you can see the looser style i painted it in.


If anyone is interested in buying this painting, please use the contact me form..

The Old Ink pot..

This oil painting is somewhat different to my usual style, i love realism but this style appealed to me.

From the concept of this piece I just loved everything about this ink pot, and the soft flowing lines seemlessly blend into the glass itself. I actually didnt spend anywhere near as much time painting this one as its more in the impressionistic style which suits the subject.

Its so nice to be able to paint with a looser approach to the item being painted, i spend a lot of time going over my paintings in several layers of thin paint adjusting as i go, but with this one i managed to complete it within two passes, not bad for me.

The Old Ink Well      For sale £65 + postage

Thank you for looking at my paintings, if you wish to buy this, make an offer or just let me know your thought, either leave a comment or use the contact form, thank you.

Forget Brexit, buy Art..

Here we go again, MP’s giving you everything on the planet just to gain your vote and their assured £100,000 wages.

Long after dead promises and forgotten pledges we have to get back to what we know and what is the norm for us, and if the party you supported didnt make it, dont worry, it can only get worse, or maybe even better..

So, to relieve the brexit pressure lets concentrate on Art, and painting in particular. Here is my rendition of an Avocado. This is painted in oil on board, because the board is flat it allows for better details which i like doing.

There is something satisfying about painting the dull greenish white flesh of an avocado and the seed which stands like a brown island in a field of soft lusciousness, almost as good as eating it.

Avocado Halves

If anyone is interested in buying this please use the contact form and let me know, forget brexit, buy art…



Bothy Key

I must admit, i saw this type of painting somewhere on line in a recent excursion of various sites i visit for inspiration.

I often drift off into sites like Paint my Picture or Pixabay to see what sort of pictures takes my fancy, indeed i like so many subjects its hard to stick to one particular theme, i just want to paint everything.

However on one such recent trip i espyed this particular subject and thought, wow this could look really good, wether its sellable is another matter, but i fancied a go at painting it. I drew out the shape and blocked it in, making sure to key the shadows darker than the rest.

The next level for me is the modelling stage, making sure all the parts have there own pieces the correct shape and colour. After that comes the refining stage followed by the detail, this stage makes all the difference.

What I love about this painting is the feeling that the key is actually hanging from the nail, there appears to be a gap behind the key which was intended and gives a sense of reality to it.

The Bothy Key..

If anyone is interested in this painting please use the contact me form, it is advertised eleswhere too..


Fruit on Wood..

This is one painting I completed early last year, it was a sort of , does it work or not type of thing, two pieces of fruit standing on a board in what seems like mid air,  but i really like it.

I think there is enough there to hold concentration without over cluttering the scene, and you can then focus on the focal point. This one is painted on a flat panel in oil and then framed.

Fruit on Wood  For Sale £65+postage

I must admit, my photography skills are not up to much as this seems to lack the lovely colour the actual painting has , but its ok for a viewing.

Should anyone be interested in purchasing this painting, please use the contact page to let me know.

Thank you


The Old Block Plane

My block plane painting..

For my first post in what hopefully will become a story revolving around my trials and tribulations of oil painting.

This is part of a series I recently painted containing old tools, which at the time seemed rather a good idea, but if one is looking to sell ones paintings then i think trying to stick to what may appeal to potential customers is a must, thats not to say i didnt enjoy it, I really did, and i will do more in the future too.

I painted this on panel as i find its  far better to use regarding the smoothness of the surface, and when trying to get a likeness or reality,  detail is key. I decided upon this type of frame also, because sometimes just a flat black frame doesnt always suit every picture, and as this is moulded just enough not to take away from the painting itself, I framed it.

The Old Block Plane, for sale at £65 plus postage.

I hope you enjoy looking at it, i will be posting some more old tools shortly as well as other paintings i have managed to complete back in 2018 and this year, i have only been painting for 2 years.

Thank you


Art Endeavour


Thank you for dropping by, hopefully you stay a while and even participate in my endeavours , striving to be a better artist.

Through these pages I intend to show the progression of my art  in pastel pencils and oil paint, both completely different mediums, but similar styles and outcomes.

At the top of the page is a leopard pastel drawing i did a while ago, if you would like to learn how to draw it, and others too, please let me know, contact me and together through this site we can travel along the road on our art adventure.

Thank you