Battle of East Stoke Fields

East stoke fields in June of 1487 was claimed to be the place of the very last battle in the war of the Roses conflicts.

It all hinged around a 10 year old boy, Lambert Simnel who was an imposter pretending to be Edward, Earl of Warwick, the son of Edward IV’s brother, the Duke of Clarence. Simnel was used as a threat by Yorkists to try and re-establish their hold on the english crown.

East Stoke Fields

The battle itself lasted about 3 hours and was a complete slaughter of the Yorkist army, it was said to be the bloodiest battle of the war. The church at East Stoke was used to bury the mass of bodies in makeshift graves, the ground is now higher than the floor of the church and you have to step down to enter into it. Simnel was captured but spared by Henry VII and was put to work in the castle kitchens, later he was made the falconer.


These are completely different for me as i fancied a change from all the uniforms, belts, guns , bags and everything else to do with Napoleonic dress.

I managed to get all six done in less than a day, i think they came out great, not based yet but if i can get a decent photo, you will see for yourself. I have ordered a few more,mainly command figures as i love the flags and banners, it will be back to Russian uniforms next, until my knights arrive.

ACW 12lb Canon…

Following on from my ACW Zouave post i thought i would bring my Union soldiers up to par.

I painted these roughly about the same time as the Zouaves to give me a bit of a diorama to go with them as they press ahead to the battle at Fredericksburg 1862, known as one of the most one sided battles in history.

Union soldiers led by Maj, Gen Ambrose E Burnside attempted to cross the Rappahannock river and beat the confederates in November, this didn’t happen. At the beginning of December they managed to cross and tried to attack the confederates at a place called Marye’s Heights, a fortified strong ridge to the west of the city of Richmond.

Burnside ordered attacks at the front and right of the line but were repulsed with heavy losses , by the 15th December he withdrew his army ending another failed campaign in the eastern theatre..

Let’s go Zouave..

Battle of Fredericksburg 1862
ACW French Contingent..

Zouaves were involved in all the major American Civil War battles, from the First Manassas to Antietam,  Gettysburg to Appomattox.

The Zouaves originally came as part of the French Army linked to French North Africa, which served between 1830 and 1962. Their uniform and tactics were based on those of the Algerian Berbers who earned a reputation for their fast moving, agile fighting style. Thus the French Zouaves originally comprised Berber, Arab, European and black volunteers.

A Zouave was distinctive in his uniform which included a pair of baggy trousers, short open jacket, a sash and an oriental headgear.

They were the among the most decorated units of the French Army, and following the Crimean War of 1854 and the Italian War of 1859, their reputation would spread beyond France, with new Zouave units being formed in several countries across the world and brought to America by Capt George McClellan.

I painted these some months ago, really took to them as easier to paint than Napoleonic stuff..

Just as an aside, i cant tell you how much I hate this new wordpress, everything is just a pain, on selecting an image using the plus tab on the left side, does anyone know how to get rid of the flyout that comes down with all the selections on, it makes my text area really small to type with, i just dont know why they couldn’t leave it alone…

Austrian Army Battalion 1798-1815

The tactics of the Austrian Army was to be modified considerably to face the onslaught of the French army under Napoleon. In 1798 the army fought much like those in other forces at the time, in strict formation advancing towards the enemy.

Baron Karl Mack was made overall commander of the Austrian army, and he was keen to see change. One of his first acts was to reorganise the structure of the battalions, organising them into four battalions consisting of four companies. The problem he faced was that there was no trained officers to help impose and guide these changes. By 1805 Baron Mack made massive attempts to reorganise the infantry battalions but was unsuccessful as lack of equipment meant the army was generally unprepared for change.

The models here are from 1798 and uniformed accordingly, the regiment wore this uniform up until 1806, but some until 1809 when the helmet changed to the shako.

Hanoverians and Birthday Booty

Managed to get this small post done today in between an assortment of ‘other’ jobs.

I have just had another birthday, i dont think of numbers anymore, it sort of spoils the day a bit, i like to ponder what will reveal itself during the day as my wife likes to surprise me , bless her.

This is the booty i received on the day, and i look forward to building and painting them. The Head magnifiers are really good for fine detail, but this pair is top heavy and puts quite a strain on the neck, they also dont tighten up at the back and tend to slip down my head during the day, so i have taped them up now. They do have an LED light at the front, but by the time you have batteries in the mix they are a bit too heavy for comfort.

Hanoverians, all part of the allied army against Napoleon, i painted these back at the end of March or early April, there is no command with this battalion as i have another battalion to paint and command for all of them together, so you may see these again in the future. My face painting was a bit naive then, i have progressed a lot since then and really enjoy the detail, especially the Old Guard i have recently finished.

Give me night, or give me Blucher…

Famous words uttered by the great man Duke of Wellington as the battle of Waterloo raged on into the early evening before the Prussians entered into the fray at Plancenoit to start the downfall of the mighty French Grande Armee.

So i hope we are all doing well and getting through this Pandemic without too much harm, and although my wife works on Morrisons checkout and we have been out every day I can say we are doing OK, for now..

I have to say though that i have sort of lost my way a bit with WordPress, this is the first time using the classic block and i haven’t tried adding a photo yet, but it seems ok so far, time will tell. Its not the actual program its me and my lack of enthusiasm for it, i just cant seem to get an interest in it, although my love of painting hasn’t stopped at all.

Its great to see the few I follow now still plugging away, and i do read all the posts but at times i cant think of anything to add in the comments, so i want to go back and add something later but the boredom gets to me and i leave it, which isnt fair on them as a blog is only as good as the viewers reading and interacting with it. Its good to see that my posts are keeping the social distance recommendations up..

So to wind up this short (trial for feeling of it again) i have uploaded one of my recently finished (now based) Austrian Colonels.. Thank you..




Austrian Colonel recently finished..

French 12lb Canon..

So lets get to grips with the new editor, hopefully i will have something working shortly, or i wont.

Here we have a French 12lb Canon,one of many he used in his battles against the allied troops, it was manned by up to six artillery staff and they were affectionately known as his beautiful daughters, as he was a trained artillery man himself.

The model is from the Victrix collection and comes in a bag of 3 canons and 15 members of staff although i have only put 4 on this base as 5 overcrowds it. The boulders are painted cork, i love doing them, they look so real and yet no weight, but this was my first attempt at using the flocking machine which sadly didn’t work for some reason or other, it acted more like a sieve and the flock didn’t stand vertical, it just lay limp.

I haven’t had time to take any better photos as yet, but i have ordered a few trees and i hope to set the scene later when they arrive. I have a few others bits done but will use them as new blogs rather than fill this one up, plus i am not sure if this will load or work as yet, so until next time

Austrians done, beware the skirmishers..

So at last i can settle back into some sort of routine again. We now have all the customers gardens to do again as they seem less scared now, so what with that and life in general been a bit tied up.

So in between the jobs and other things i managed to get a few Austrians done and have now finished up the first 3 companies. They are from the 1st regiment up to 1809 when they then changed helmet to the Shako, they also had the red lining and facings.

I cant begin to tell you about painting white, its so transparent it takes many layers, in fact i may just try my oil White as its very opaque, but i was always taught not to apply acrylic over oil, hmmm we will see.


Just need to get the base edges done then they are ready for a battle. The stones are real small stones but i think going forward i will do cork ones as on the skirmishers (coming later), and paint them as they dont add weight but still look good.


Continuing on from my last post i managed to complete a base with two French skirmishers on it, this is my first cork stone base and i am very pleased with it..



Really enjoying this past time, long may it continue, until next time….

Vive l’empereur, they cried..

So this is my first attempt at painting  french line infantry and i must say i loved it. I dont think the colours are that accurate but i am not that bothered either, but hopefully i will get the napoleonic set of Vallejo paints i have tried for over the last couple of weeks.

I am not quite sure which particular battle these are heading for as there was a choice of heads to go onto them and quite a range of years between the dates given, so opted for just line infantry as apart from changes to the hats (shako) the uniform covers quite a span.


These are not quite finished yet, i still have to paint the edges of the mdf bases, i need to buy a better type of grass flock too. When i started painting these models a few months ago i bought a whole raft of accessories too, stones, sand tufts and several types of grass, but mostly these are round scateer grass and not ‘blades’ as such. i have also just ordered a static grass applicator which comes with a bag of flock that is transfered to the boards when a static charge from batteries within the unit sort of electrify it.


One other thing i need to sort out is the application of standards(flags). I watched a video on youtube of someone sticking one onto the pole, it came out ok. The night my flag arrived, i had put it to one side while i finished off what i was painting on reaching over to wash out my brush i accidentally snapped the pole in half, fortunately it stuck back together ok but i didnt want try and force more movement on it than was neccessary, so i have left a rather straight flat flag for now.

I have now started a unit of Austrian line infantry before going on to more french, there is soooo much white with these its hard to get any contrast, but thats for another post..

Just a quick update for now..

Decided to just post a quick update as at present her indoors is currently in bed with a neck spasm, she says she thinks she has a chest cold too, lets hope thats all it is.

Anyway not really been doing to much on the miniature front but i have had a great day on ebay, i put 5 lots of models on and sold them all. Now the coffers have risen nicely i may just be on the lookout for a bit more Napolean stuff, but i want to finish what i started first.

I did manage to get a few bits done but not to any sort of decent standard, however i will finish them off next week when the weather takes a dip for a while. I bought a sprue of British Regimental soldiers from the Zulu wars not so long ago, being inspired by IRO (Imperial Rebel Ork) doing his Rourkes Drift diorama, plus i also like the uniform so set about painting it.front

Apparently the Pith helmets are white on parade but out in Netal they dyed them with T-bags and earth as they had become a target with white helmets.back

I particularly liked this one with the bad head, reminded me of Hookey.hooky

Moving on, i decided to start on my Napolean chaps, so this is all i have done for now, more on these as i get them


A small selection of Fusiliers, and their boss to finish with..